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South Florida Professional Driving School

Welcome to South Florida Professional Driving School LLC!

South Florida Professional Driving School LLC offers you superior educational service, experienced quality instruction and competitive pricing. We’re dedicated to help you pass your test quickly and confidently. With us you’ll never have more lessons than you need.


Our focus is to get you ready in as few lessons as possible, saving you money and time. We pick up students at home, work or school for their behind-the-wheel instructions. Whether you have a busy working schedule or existing commitments to friends and family, we have driving lesson slots at times to suit you.


Contact us and you’ll be able to book lessons with a local instructor at the same time each week or at different times depending on your needs. Our instructors are all in control of their own diaries, meaning they’re able to accommodate individual client requirements.


We pride ourselves upon our high pass rates and believe we can fulfil your driving training requirements and help you pass your driving test with confidence.


Call us now at (754) 308-6580 and book your first appointment!

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